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MMCE 2.4 Beta

MMCE has a nice interface, especially the the ability to customize the display by dragging it to all four corners. A nice slider, including filters to adjust images to better fit your preference; a dozen of scaling options and best of all, the amazing Modes: Fullscreen ENTER Reading Mode R Thumbnail Mode T Explorer Mode...
819.2 K 1,620

Medical Diary 1.6.0

If you are chronically ill, have diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, or just want to keep track of your health, make daily journal entries and want to keep track of Appointments, MD (Medical Diary) is for you! Track all your important medical records, Chart your glucose levels, weight, cholesterol blood...
12 MB 523

Medical Icon Set 3.8

The SibCode Medical Icon Library is a comprehensive set of icons that covers most of the possible medicine-related application's needs. All icons in have been handcrafted by professional artists. The choice of professionals at an affordable price! All icons in have been handcrafted by professional artists. The choice of professionals at an...
2 MB 398

Medical Calendar 5.7

Medical Calendar is an easy-to-use scheduler for doctors that'll free you from a great deal of writing routine. This handy scheduling software will suit perfectly for a single physician as well as for a whole health center. It will help you to quickly create a competently organized schedule for the whole staff. If you want to have your reception hours at...
15.1 MB 1,202

Medical Office One 4.3.0

Fast and easy-to-use, it allows creation of the new 08/05 version of the HCFA - CMS 1500 form, full customization, excellent reporting features and points of integration with popular software packages including: Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook. Data for HCFA - CMS 1500 software can be entered directly or can be retrieved for the Electronic Medical Records...
127.6 MB 454

Medical Toolbar Icons 2010.1

Medical Toolbar Icons will enhance any medical application used at hospitals, medical test labs or by health care professionals. The library is a comprehensive set of icons covering most applications of a typical medical application, Web site or database. The set contains icons depicting various medical objects, social roles, and professions, including...
6 MB 267

Medical Database Seven 4.9.3

"Seven" is a feature-rich application for medical office management. Full integration with Microsoft Office. Terminology and reports text are fully customizable, using user-friendly data entry forms and multiple functionalities! Designed for small-sized medical practices (1-8 users), "Seven" is fast and easy-to-use, it allows real-time customization...
71.5 MB 302

Medical Tests Analyzer 3.3.20

Have you lately gotten a blood test done? Explaining lab tests is one of the most central diagnostic instruments used by doctors to identify if a patient in distress from any health condition. Whereas translating blood test results for the purposes of treatment and medical diagnosis has to be entrusted to physicians, gaining a basic understanding of how to...
1.9 MB 427

Medical Icons for Vista 2013.1

Medical Icons for Vista provides an almost unlimited selection of various icons on medicine-related topics, such as conventional signs of professions in healthcare, medical equipment and insurance, veterinary, etc. The icons will relieve designers and software developers of the burdensome task of creating icons for websites and desktop software on their...
3.3 MB 471

Medical Booking Service 4.0

Web-based medical system for doctor. Your practice can have its own, customized web site and your clients, patients or colleagues can book appointments. If you already have your own webpage you can add our online booking system to your own webpage. Are you struggling to keep control of your appointment-scheduling process? Medical Booking Service can help...
102.4 K 256

Medical Invoice Template 1.10

This medical invoice template given for free helps you create professional and beautiful invoices with easy and quick. The medical invoice template can be used by any healthcare provider to bill the patient and helps professional hospitals to keep the health care records. A medical invoice or medical receipt unleashes the information regarding the...
102.4 K 49

Medical Record Management

MRM is a Clinical Medical Record Management Software which Designed for medical practices who find problem with maintaining their patient's past medical record in their successive visits; our application will be suiting them. Terminology and reports text are fully customizable, using user-friendly data entry forms and multiple functionalities! Manage your...
25.4 MB 618

Medical iPad and iPhone Icons 2011.1

Design iPhone-ready apps with Medical Icons for iPad and iPhone! The collection of health-related icons includes 250 unique images for the iOS developer. Supplied in PNG and Adobe PSD formats, Medical Icons for iPad and iPhone are ready to enhance any iPad or iPhone app right away. With this collection, you can build mobile apps for the health care system,...
19.5 MB 103

Medical Calendar for Workgroup 4.6

This is a more powerful version of Medical Calendar, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network. This handy scheduling software will suit perfectly for a single physician as well as for a whole health center. It will help you to quickly create a competently organized...
29.3 MB 759

Medical English - Dietetics - Spelling Practice 1.0.0003

A Medical English module to help non-native English speaking Dietetics students and professionals to become familiar with some of the spelling mistakes they may be prone to making when writing essays, clinical reports, etc.
102.4 K 86

Medicinal Chemistry: Differentiating Antibiotics 1.0.0008

The module contains the following levels: * Mechanisms of Action * Synergy in MRSA and VREF * Modes of Bacterial Resistance * Dismantling the Aminoglycoside * Methods of Host Metabolism * Antifungal Considerations * Differentiating Filamentous Fungi * Resistance to Amphotericin B *...
102.4 K 66

Medical English - Psychiatric Rehabilitation - Spelling Practice 1.0.0005

A Medical English module to help non-native English-speaking PR students and professionals to become familiar with some of the spelling mistakes they may be prone to making when writing essays, clinical reports, etc.
102.4 K 74

Remedic 1.2

Remedic is an intuitive and insightful medical related application that makes it possible for you to easily get useful information concerning home remedies to various health problems.
65.9 MB 74

All Medical Icons 2012

Are you feeling tired of stock icons which ship with Windows? Do you want a set of desktop decorations that make the computers in your medical workplace more unique? Many people decorate their office space with photos and trinkets to help combat mundanity, but why stop there? With this healthcare icon bundle, you can turn your computer workstations into a...
54.2 MB 123

Paramedic medications 1.0.0019

A small and accessible test that's been specially built for paramedics. The module contains the following activities: * Activity 1 - contraindications & Dosage * Activity 2 - Side effects & indications * Activity 3 - class & actions * Activity 4 - multiple choice
102.4 K 61

Free Medical Dictionary Software 1.0

What can you expect from the Free Medical Dictionary Software: * Information and definitions covering almost all specialties and fields of medicine: o medical terminology o pharmaceutical drugs o healthcare equipment o health conditions o medical devices o...
409.6 K 494

XTerm Medical Dictionary 2.1.17

XTerm Medical Dictionary is a quick reference tool that can help you any time. Its database of medical terms is updated twice a month, so every time you download a patch there will be new and updated/corrected terms. This medical dictionary is freeware. All definitions are embedded in an Windows compatible application, which has an built-in search...
2.1 MB 68

ApPHP Medical Appointment 2.0.1

ApPHP Medical Appointment is online doctor, therapist appointment and medical clinic site PHP script. This Appointment System is an application for handling doctors appointments. It enables patients to book an appointment using web-based interface, and administrator of the clinic is able to approve/reject the appointment. Site visitors can...
204.8 K 114

Secure Medical HIPAA Email 3.4

Medical Doctor's HIPAA compliant email, manage PHI and voice transcription. Collaborate with Instant Messaging, File Sharing and Private Message Boards. Send and Receive secure email, share documents and patient information. HIPAA and GLBA compliant. Works across networks and firewalls without a need for expensive VPN, PKI or complicated network setup and...
10.2 MB 348

Dr Wise Medical Mysteries Game 2.0.0

Dr Wise - Medical Mysteries Game is one of many free Games you can download at Free Ride Games, When ordinary people succumb to mysterious illnesses, there's only one doctor brilliant enough to figure out what's wrong. That wily physician, Dr. Wise who, despite his terrible bedside manner and lack of social finesse, thrives on solving...
716.8 K 650

Enhilex Medical Transcription Software 3.26

Enhilex Medical Transcription Software is a great word list tool and notebook, built specifically for MTs. Increase your productivity and easily manage patient names, doctor names, medications, medical abbreviations and lab names! Your word list and the folder list are sorted automatically for you while you're typing (no need to press a shortcut...
3.8 MB 300

Patient Medical Record and History Software 7.0

Patient Medical Record and History Software offers a solution to users who want to maintain patient records and histories. With a collection of simple yet powerful features, physician practices and hospitals can achieve the incredible return on investment that comes with a computerize record-keeping system.
18.4 MB 7

MediSpell Medical Spell Checker with Free Online Medical Speller 11.0

If you find yourself dealing with medical terms and pharmaceutical terminology then MediSpell is your answer. If you're looking for a good medical spell checker but don't have the budget for premium medical spell check programs like Spellex or Tabers, we've got the perfect medical speller for you! MediSpell is one of the best medical and...
3.3 MB 270

Traditional medicine books dictionary 3.0

Traditional medicine books dictionary has collected more than 150 ancient medicine books' brief introduction in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc. It has 8 classified catalogues, whose names are translated according to the newest specification of WHO. And each book has the aspects of Author/Editor, Preferred English title/Annotation, Issued year, Country,...
15.2 MB 432

Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler 2.2.20

n all-in-one sophisticated Electronic Medical Records - SOAP Notes - Medical Appointment Scheduling - Medical Billing software package. Medical Office One is a HIPAA Compliant - NPI Compliant and feature-rich application for medical office - practice administration and billing. Fast and easy-to-use, it allows creation of the new 08/05 version of the HCFA -...
37.8 MB 245

Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary Window 3.10

Over 340,000 Hard Copies Sold This dictionary provides full coverage of all the important terms and concepts used in medicine today. Written by distinguished practicing specialists and medical writers, it is intended primarily for workers in the paramedical fields: pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social workers, hospital...
10.26 MB 155,430

Merriam-Webster Medical dictionary 6.5

Slovoed for MS Windows presents a popular English dictionary series containing the high-quality dictionary databases from Merriam-Webster, America's leading and most distinguished language reference publisher, and the Slovoed application engine from Paragon Software (SHDD), a famous provider of dictionary software. Each Merriam-Webster dictionary...
102.4 K 128

Swiftpro CVPlus Medical Recruitment Software 2.1

For companies working in the medical recruitment sector, finding quality candidates is becoming increasingly difficult, and competition for those candidates is growing evermore intense. Added to this medical recruiters now have to meet the challenges posed by a world-wide shortage of skilled healthcare professionals; burgeoning employment legislation and...
30.03 MB 281

Smart Diary Suite Medical Edition Portable

Smart Diary Suite is more than a simple Diary or a Personal Information Manager (PIM). It is instead a totally customizable and flexible feature-rich personal information solution that will open up a whole new data storage experience for you! Smart Diary Suite consists of the following major components all aimed and working together and uniformly...
12.7 MB 199
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