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Live 9.1.2

If you’ve used music software before, you’re already familiar with one half of Ableton Live. Live’s Arrangement View is a familiar working space: time moves from left to right, while tracks are stacked vertically. But Live also features the revolutionary Session View: a unique sketchpad for improvising, playing and performing with musical...
669 MB 1,372

LiveKd 4.0

LiveKD allows you to run the Kd and Windbg Microsoft kernel debuggers, which are part of the Debugging Tools for Windows package, locally on a live system. Execute all the debugger commands that work on crash dump files to look deep inside the system. See the Debugging Tools for Windows documentation and our book for information on how to explore a system...
204.8 K 416

Live Tv Full

Watch TV channels online anywhere. All you need is our IP television software, your computer, and online connection. No reason to buy regular television for hundreds of dollars when you can install television on your notebook? Internet TV is the next big thing in Internet technology. Simply put, Internet television offers the consumer a way to...
1.8 MB 2,655

Livepad 1.0

Type and draw anywhere just like pen and paper. No lines or cells to restrict you. Livepad is a freeform note taker. Capture Web Clippings, Pictures, and URL's. Record Audio and Insert files from other applications such as Word Processing documents, Spreadsheets, PDF's etc. Quickly Search for information even across all your Livepad...
4.31 MB 491

Live On 0.3

Keep you from accidentally closing chrome from closing the last tab. this extension auto adds a pinned tab when you are on you last tab. as soon as you open a new tab, the pinned tab closes. This extension was made using "keep last two tabs" code. if you don't like the way this extension works or you want some settings that you can set, try...
102.4 K 65


This Google Desktop gadget downloads RSS feeds and scrolls them as a creeping line. Everything you need to know from the Web gets right on your desktop. All the fresh news stories take really compact room on your screen. The gadget automatically delivers the news for your language and region!
614.4 K 314

LiveCode 4.6.0

LiveCode represents sustained effort from our development team to bring you the best in iOS and desktop development. In this release we have over 130 new features, refinements and bug fixes: * 13 new Desktop features * 20 new iOS features * 50 core bug fixes and enhancements * ... and last but by no means least, 50...
38.3 MB 521


Intelligent Visitor Engagement Invite valuable customers to chat Take the initiative and proactively initiate the conversation with the potential customer. Analyse searched keywords, referrals and localization to pick up the best prospects. Measure Chats to Goals conversion See if your LiveChat works efficiently in your...
14.7 MB 304

LiveLyre 0.01

LiveLyre is a composer's assistant and an automated music composition system as well as MIDI sequencer with advanced capabilities tied directly to a music notation editor.
2.1 MB 269

LiveDoco 1.2

What LiveDoco is: * Microsoft SQL Server database documentation tool * "Live" data dictionary * Extended properties editor * Database structure explorer * Database structure export tool What it can do: LiveDoco enables easy access to your Microsoft SQL Server metadata/structure and allows...
3.7 MB 60

Live Site 2.011

The free software Live Site is devoted to arranging of a Support Service in your Website. You will be able to enliven your site in the direct meaning of this word. Your customer will be able to see the staff of your company and talk to them. You will be able to dissolve the last border in the Internt business - absence of direct contact with the customer....
7.67 MB 550

liveDJpro 1.5.667

liveDJpro is all about live audio broadcasting for any kind of DJ. All of the innovations used in liveDJpro are targeted to make a DJs life easier so you can give the customer a better experience instead of worrying about your DJ technology. So what makes liveDJpro different? We've brought hundreds of DJ comments together over the years and created...
6.57 MB 980

LiveSafer 1.0.153

LiveSafer Unlimited is an easy-to-use backup program with all the advantages of an on-line backup solution, without monthly charges. You can use your own (USB) hard disk for storage of your backup files so there is no backup limit and no additional storage charge! With LiveSafer Unlimited you can make your first backup stored at your own (USB) hard disk...
2.3 MB 206


The easiest way to update your product is to run LiveUpdate. For how to do this, read How to run LiveUpdate. Note: If no updates are available through LiveUpdate, your product is up to date. LiveUpdate 3.5 Note: LiveUpdate 3.5 is for Home & Home Office products. If you use a Symantec Enterprise product, use LiveUpdate...
3.4 MB 1,742

Live Poker 3.6

Live Poker - Full Screen, Fully 3D, Full On Excitement! We are raising the bar on the online poker game. Not only the world's first fully immersive 3D poker room environment, but the first PC and Mac-capable 3D poker download. This is NOT your daddy's poker game...
58.88 MB 1,088

Live Alert 1.02

Now you can get up to the minute information on your favourite companies and mining news just like the pros!! And the best part is, its free!!
102.4 K 144

Live Quotes 1.0

Use the built-in date range selector to view stock information about one or more companies between two dates; that can even be for a duration of one year. You might find it interesting that the data you see is the performance of the stock market in general. Live Quotes shows you relevant information about company stocks - stock exchange, closing...
819.2 K 302

Live or Die 1.0

If you want to live, you must die first. Is the life a joke? No... your life is my game!
66.73 MB 403

Live Blogger

The Live Blogger is a tool for logging lectures, presentation as they occur. Use text and photos to capture important moments in your business and personal life. Features: * Define events and sessions for each event * Post regular text updates to the event timeline * Take screen shots of the presentation and add it to...
8.6 MB 110

Live2Support 3.1

Scale the dizzy heights of online customer support excellence with live chat software & offer live help to your website visitors. Live support from Live2Support is so feature-rich, a breeze to implement and easy to use that you will be on your way to live interactive chat with your customers in less than fifteen minutes. Simply sign up for live...
11.5 MB 234

Live Capture 1.3.1

Full screen capture Active window capture Window control capture Selected area capture Fixed area capture All in one capture Magnifier Color Picker Color Palette Editor Ruler.
3.6 MB 125

Live Drawing 1

The TFlashCanvasControl was created based on TFlashPlayerControl, so now you can draw lines using "down and drag" without creating any temporary swf files.
409.6 K 277

Live Theater 1.21

Free! Live Theater provides broadcasting and playing of the streaming video on any computer without any additional codecs and player to be installed. Embrace up to 94% of the Internet audience. Live Theater serves for: 1. Broadcasting of live streaming video over Internet from any possible external video signal sources (video camera, web camera, video...
6.79 MB 515

Live Defender 2.1

It's always better to prevent injury then fight its consequences. Have you ever notice that your browser startup page is changed to an adult content, and your children saw that or your boss maybe ? Have you ever lost all the money from your online banking account because the password was stolen ? Even if it never happened to you, you...
689 K 543

LiveSupportAP 7.01

LiveSupportAP is simple application, which allows you to exchange messages with visitors to your web page and with recipients of your e-mail. The main difference is that your friends or visitors can chat with you without having to download or install this LiveSupportAP or any other program. Monitors if your web site is accessible.
614.4 K 452

LiveProfessor 1.1.3

LiveProfessor is designed to be an effect rack of VST-plugins and we have created it specifically with live sound in mind. The concept is very simple, yet extremely flexible. Using a ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST-plugins in any order and way you like. The program supports snapshots of all settings, for easy switching...
6.6 MB 580

Lively Browser 3.4.2

Lively Browser is a tabbed browser, which contains more then 100,000 top sites list. Currently, it includes the most popular sites ordered by Alexa Traffic Rank in the world as well as in individual countries. It also includes the most popular sites in directory listed by subjects. You can input any keywords to find and search any site about any content...
9.9 MB 489

Live CD Ripper 4.1.0

Live CD Ripper is a powerful audio CD grabbing tool allows you to extract audio tracks from your music CD to many popular audio formats including AAC, ACM, AIFF, AU, CAF, FLAC, IRCAM, MP3, NIST, OGG, PAF, PVF, RAW, SVX, VOC, W64, WAV, WMA. Because CD album info is retrieved from internet, please make sure that you are connected to internet when you...
4.2 MB 639

Live Xmas Tree 1.0

Add a fresh touch to your desktop with Christmas tree. It can optionally stay on top and you can adjust transparency - a mouseover hint reveals how many days are left till Christmas.
307.2 K 188

LiveGTD Wizard 1.0.1

It lets you build your own GTD system to make your life stress free. LiveGTD Wizard has rich step by step tools: # Inbox Tool lets you - Collect things that command your attention. # Process Tool lets you - Process the stuff and decide what to do next. # Project and Action Management Tools let you - Organize, Review and just Do them. #...
921.6 K 273

Live TV Player 2.1

Live TV Player allows you to view, in a in a geographically organized way, 1000+ live TV shows and listen to online radio stations from 100+ countries on your PC. There is no need for TV card and other hardware because all the channels are streamed through your Internet connection. It is very easily to use, all you have to do is to find your favorite...
2.49 MB 2,224

Live Billiards 2.2

Live Billiards is a comprehensive 3D pool simulator, giving you full reality sensation. Magnetic live atmosphere, smooth cue shots and realistic ball movements create effect of deep immersion. It's full 3D environment, light effects on ivory and bronze, twinkling fireplace, perfect 3D sound and live voice chat maintain the realism of championship style...
9.4 MB 2,116

Livetube Player 1.0.24 is a platform for real time video publishing. It is like a radio broadcast but uses video clips instead. Everyone can access but only approved users can make live shows (events). consists of 2 parts: The web page where viewers can watch the show which is currently live. The viewers...
2.2 MB 928

Live Signatures 2.5.3

Live Signatures is an easy and handy Outlook add-in for automatic substitution of actual data in outgoing messages. A wide set of macros will allow you to automatically insert text into E-mails from other messages or local files, use changeable/variable signatures in the messages, enrich the messages with the statements of famous people (or your own...
4.4 MB 651

LiveContactsView 1.25

LiveContactsView is a small utility that allows you to view the details of all contacts in your Windows Live Messenger. For each contact, LiveContactsView display the following fields: Email address, nickname, quick name, first name, last name, and more. You can easily select one or more contacts and then export them into text/xml/html/csv file, or copy...
102.4 K 1,042

Live File Backup 2.31

Backup continuously your daily work between the regular daily / weekly / monthly backup. »Live File Backup« is the user-friendly real-time/live backup program for your home and business PC or with your notebook on the move! While you are working the software backups continuously your important data to external storage media (locally as well as over the...
3.4 MB 135

Live Odds Ticker 1.1

If you are into sports betting then you'll need this tool to get you up to the minute odds for every NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA game. The live odds will scroll across your desktop at the click of a button. Download this free software and get the sports betting advantage.
0 K 381

Livecam Wallpaper 1.01

It periodically downloads the newest image from Webcam, stores it to a file on your hard disk and sets it as current wallpaper.
921.6 K 73

Live Chat Program

How can company representative and website visitors or clients perform online communication (one to one) in real time? Ajax based chat communication program facilitates to send offline messages when company executive is not online. Real time chat server utility is compatible with all major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firebox and...
1.1 MB 821

2006TaxCalculator 1.0

For the number of dependents add one if any of the dependents are blind, over 65 year age. Gross Income is income from all sources like W2, Interest and Divident Income.
16 K 707

LiveProfessor Free 1.2.0 Beta

The concept is very simple, yet extremely flexible. Using a ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST-plugins in any order and way you like. The program supports snapshots of all settings, for easy switching between songs. LiveProfessor also has advanced MIDI routing and manipulation features, and can be controlled using hardware...
5.8 MB 130

Live Midi Keyboard 1.03

This is an 'Easy to Use' duo-timbral Midi Keyboard/Router for Windows. It has 1 Midi In and 1 Midi Out port which can route your keyboard to 2 separate sounds of your Multitimbral Output.
1.4 MB 51

2006 Extra Edition 1.1

2006 Extra Edition -
0 K 272

Live Support System 2.0.8330

Two incredible features in one tiny program! * Live Chat. Talk to your website visitors in real time! * Website Monitor. See who is surfing through your website, what pages they load, and where they came from in real time. No webserver logs are involved! Live Chat * Talk to your website visitors in real time * See...
102.4 K 703

Live Support Software

Live chat software provides online chat support for one or multiple customers and visitors simultaneously and helps to excellent sales for your online products and live services support. Live web chat application provides option to send offline messages when the web operator is not online or is unavailable on chat window. Online chat program transfer chat...
6.3 MB 218

LiveWeb for PowerPoint 3.0

Use LiveWeb to insert web pages into a PowerPoint slide and refresh the pages real-time during slide show. Display web pages without ever leaving the confines of your PowerPoint slide show. No coding required. LiveWeb works with documents off your local drive too. You can specify relative paths. LiveWeb will also look for files in the presentation folder...
102.4 K 72

NBarcode for .NET Suite 1.4

NBarcode Barcode Reader for .NET is a barcode recognization solution for Microsoft .NET Frameworks. It allows you to recognize barcode images in your .NET applications. NBarcode Barcode Writer for Reporting Services supports popular Linear (1D), 2D and Postal Barcode types, including Code 39, Code93, Code 128, EAN 13, EAN 14, EAN8, UPC, Postal,...
819.2 K 178

2006 Silver Bullet Slots 1.0

Silver Bullets is a 5 reel 9 payline video slot game with a Wild West theme. In the game symbols you'll see Wagon Wheels, cowboy guns, horses head and horse shoes, cowboy hats and more. The sound effects are very cartoon like. There's 39 ways to win if you include the scatter and wild symbols so across 9 pay lines you can expect this...
409 K 231

Live Screensaver Creator 2.1.3

Use Live Screensaver Creator to create screensavers based on your favorite websites or keywords of your choice. It's very easy to use Just type in keywords or web addresses. For example, if you type a word "dream", "love", "sky" or "relax", all corresponding images found on the Internet are going to appear in the screensaver....
6.5 MB 72

Live Boot Screen Patcher 2.4

This program will make a backup of your existing kernel files and modify them according to the color pallet from the (4bit, 16 color) boot screen used. Each time you change your boot screen the backup will be used to be sure a clean kernel will be modified. In case of a restore, the backup will be restored to make sure the kernels are as the...
102.4 K 404
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