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Novelty 0.8.7 Beta

Novelty is a free game maker tailored for making visual novels. Contrary to most other visual novel makers, Novelty is designed for people without any experience in scripting or programming. As a designer you have a lot of artistic freedom in Novelty. There are no templates or presumptions on how your game should look. The visual tools that come...
34.4 MB 526

Novell Data Recovery 2.1

Recover Data for Novell Traditional File System - Novell recovery supports to recover data from deleted, formatted, damaged & corrupted Novell NWFS & Net386 Volumes. Novell recovery software successfully restore Novell data, files and folders which gets lost or deleted due to viral attack, power failure, accidental deletion of Novell NWFS & Net386 files,...
1.8 MB 262

Novelty Number Plates

CREATE YOUR VERY OWN personalised novelty number plates! Enter ANY name or registration number and this personalizd registration Number Plate software will generate a PERSONALISED GIFT with ANY font, ANY badge, ANY border, ANY slogan and ANY name or registration number which can then be printed to give to friends and family as the PERFECT GIFT or even to...
10 MB 223

Novell NetWare Revisor 3.7

Novell NetWare Revisor is a multifunctional toolkit intended for managing, monitoring and backing up servers running on the Novell NetWare operating system. The key feature of the package is its ability to create images of NetWare servers from the administrator's workstation. An image is a complete copy of the eDirectory catalog tree used by the server to...
5.8 MB 271

Novel Games Spider Solitaire 1.4.0

The aim of the game is to arrange the cards from K to A and then those cards will be removed. When you are stuck, you can deal new cards from the deck of unused cards by clicking at the deck. You can deal new cards only when all the columns are occupied.
307.2 K 285

Mystery Novel 1.0

At the grand opening of a brand new prison, Mayor Lambert is assassinated! The killer is soon after put to death, but during the execution the electric chair causes a fire in the prison, burning the new building to the ground. As the new Crime Editor of the City Time paper, it's up to you to solve the mysterious circumstances behind the fire and discover...
173 MB 180

Recover Novell Data 1.0

Data is one of the main element for any organization. That's why it becomes vital to protect that data. Loss of important data can spill the hard work and time. Recover Data for Novell gives user a platform that to challenge data loss threats. This extraordinary Novell data recovery application is built up using latest techniques, which rescues, recovers,...
1.8 MB 100

English Indonesian Dictionary - Lite 1.0

English Indonesian - Bahasa Dictionary - Windows, Mac, Linux, electronic software travel dictionary to translate English to Indonesian - Bahasa displaying a list of translated words. The Indonesian - Bahasa English dictionary translates from Indonesian - Bahasa to English. Copying a word from the translated list for a reverse translation can be used to find...
307.2 K 2,037

English To Indonesian and Indonesian To English Converter Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to translate English to Indonesian and vice versa. Text can be loaded from a file and the translation pair (English to Indonesian or Indonesian to English) is chosen from the drop down menu. The results are displayed in the lower pane and can be copied to the clipboard for pasting.
45.6 MB 205

Data Recovery Novell 1.0

One of the best data recovery software for novell provides complete recovery of logically corrupted Novell Netware based hard drive. Novell Recovery Software restores Novell data, files and folders which get corrupted due to virus attacks, Partition Table Corruption, operating system corruption, volume Table, Hot Fix Tables, DET or FAT corruption. Data...
1.8 MB 308

TransHunter English VS Indonesian 1.0

This version of TransHunter hunts different translations from English to Indonesian or vice versa. TransHunter helps you hunt different translations from Internet. TransHunter helps you better understand what you want to translate. You can also choose the best translation from results.
512 K 378

Kernel for Lotus Notes to Novell GroupWise 10.12.01

Kernel for Lotus Notes to Novell GroupWise is an expedient and competent tool devised to convert Lotus to Novell GroupWise mailbox. This is an ideal software for users who are looking forward to convert notes to Novell GroupWise mailbox. This software allows you to migrate emails, calendars, address books, appointments, tasks, sent items, drafts, journals,...
4.8 MB 129

Internet Access Monitor for Novell BorderManager 3.2

Internet Access Monitor is a comprehensive Internet use monitoring and reporting utility for corporate networks. The program takes advantage of the fact that most corporations provide Internet access through proxy servers, like Novell BorderManager, MS ISA Server, WinGate, WinRoute, MS Proxy, WinProxy, EServ, Squid, Proxy Plus and others. Each time any...
4.86 MB 485

Excel Convert Files From English To Indonesian and Indonesian To English Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert Excel files from English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English. The user can specify a list of files or an entire folder and then choose a block of specific cells, the active sheet or the entire workbook for translation. This software uses Google Translate as the backbone for translations and...
30.3 MB 6
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