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NSS Recovery Software 2.1

Professional Novell NSS recovery software is design on latest methods of data recovery to recover deleted files & formatted data from Novell NSS volumes. Data recovery up to 2 TB can be possible with NSS recovery software. Developers are design this NSS recovery software as instant data recovery application to restore data from Novell NSS volumes even if...
1.8 MB 366

inSSIDer 4.0

You need a serious tool designed to show you exactly what your Wi‑Fi environment looks like, both physically and logically. inSSIDer's simple, filterable display identifies signal overlap, channel conflicts, and configuration issues that are degrading your wireless network performance. Interference can kill your Wi‑Fi speeds. Luckily inSSIDer...
5.4 MB 4,325

DnsSpeeder 2.80

It accepts client's dns request and looks up the ip addresses of the request domain at local cache, when found,send the reulst to the client. If not,it sends query to certain dns servers and return resolution results to the client. So it can speed Internet access.
1.9 MB 555

InSSIDer Office Beta

You're the guy who everyone goes to when there's something wrong with anything remotely technical, and nothing sends people off the deep end faster than Wi‑Fi troubles. Don't get caught off-guard... inSSIDer will help you get started by answering these questions: Do I see all my Access Points and SSIDs? Are my access...
5.8 MB 77

WinSSHD 6.24

SSH server is designed for all Windows NT-series operating systems. Supported platforms include all desktop and server versions of Windows, starting from Windows 2000, to the most recent, including Windows 8 and 2012. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported. Windows NT4 is still supported by WinSSHD. Bitvise SSH Server supports the...
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