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Frontier 1.1

Frontier is a non-traditional RPG, Your job is to survive, earn money, become a successful trader, earn money to fuel your war effort to rid the lands of wayward buccaneers and other outlaws. Buy and sell commodities at taverns in cities, you can also purchase armour, weapons and hired help.
5.6 MB 107

Frontline Defense 2 1.0

If you played and enjoyed Frontline Defense First Assault then you will probably want to play the sequel Frontline Defense 2 now comes loaded with better graphics, more levels, more upgrades and more enemies to kill! Erect towers manned by soldiers, kill enemies, upgrade towers etc.
8 MB 733

Frontline Registry Cleaner 1.0

Frontline Registry Cleaner is a powerful registry cleaner tool that has been designed to be as effective and easy to use as possible. * Scans 11 Registry Errors * Registry Defragmenter * Junk File Cleaner * Complete Backup Facility * Comprehensive Results ...
1.7 MB 933

FrontFace for Public Displays 3.6.5

Features: Multimedia Content: Images, Photos, Videos and Audio The software supports all common image and video formats (PNG, JPEG, WMV, MP4) and is able to adjust the content according to the actual screen resolution. Audio files are supported as well. Additionally you can integrate both audio streams (e.g. Internet radio) and live video...
42.3 MB 182

FrontFace for Netbooks and Tablets 1.3.0

FrontFace for Netbooks & Tablets is an application that transforms a Windows-based (XP, Vista, 7) Netbook, Tablet PC, or home computer into a versatile lifestyle device that makes computing efficient and fun. Fully capable of running powerhouse programs like Microsoft Office, FrontFace extends your computer's interface, and makes it easy to work with all...
8.1 MB 834

nFront Password Filter 6.0.0

Having a good password policy that is enforced across all users is fundamental to good security practices. You are probably spending money on firewalls, anti-virus, encryption and data leakage products. However, if you are using the built-in Windows Password Policy you might as well burn the money you are spending for all the security software and...
5.7 MB 2

ezFrontDesk 4.2.4

It allows you to track, bill, schedule and send recall letters/emails to your patients. Perfect for small offices such as therapists, counselors, physicians, chiropractors, optometrists and other health care providers.
54.1 MB 209

CD FrontEnd PRO 2013.22.25

Get the best visual autoplay / autorun CD DVD creation software ever designed... Start building your autorun CD/DVD now: build CD presentations, CD business cards, brochures, product catalogs, business CD catalogs / shops, Web-like pages, slide shows, make CD menus and professional front ends, run files and programs... all with this all-in-one versatile and...
2.9 MB 255

ASI FrontDesk Hotel Software

ASI Hospitality Suite is a comprehensive software system for management of Hotels and Motels. This class of solutions is often referred to as Property Management System (PMS). Our full featured PMS system offers comprehensive hotel management software, guest reservation software (booking software), hotel billing software, hotel accounting software, motel...
230.8 MB 474

Forefront Code Name 'Stirling' Beta 2

Forefront codename "Stirling" is an integrated security suite that delivers comprehensive protection across endpoint, application servers, and the edge that is easier to manage and control. Built on the same Microsoft Forefront protection technologies used by millions worldwide, Forefront codename "Stirling" helps guard against new and emerging...
102.4 K 588

Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 4.0.1101.000

Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) is a secure application gateway, to manage, control, and optimize remote access for managed and non-managed endpoints, to corporate applications and resources. Forefront UAG RC0 provides a number of new features, including support for migration from Forefront UAG Beta 2. Forefront UAG provides the...
1255.4 MB 524

ForeFront Client Security Definition Updates 1.193.978.0

Manually download the latest updates If you need to get the latest updates available, you can download and install them from here.
114 MB 30,606

Lame Front-End 1.8

Lame Front-End is a graphical interface for the popular and very fast MP3 encoder and decoder - LAME. It offers easy access to all LAME parameters without the need for command line usage. The program offers a simple mode (for beginners), which was designed according to the LAME authors guidelines (, and an...
1.3 MB 891

Billy Frontier 1.00

Billy Frontier is an arcade style action game where you play a space cowboy named Billy Frontier. The game is made up of four different types of mini-games: Duels, Shootouts, Stampedes, and Target Practices. There?s no overall plot in this game, instead, it?s all about having fun and shooting everything in sight! It?s the kind of game you pick up when you...
38.77 MB 302

Covert Front 1.0

Your objective is to successfully infiltrate the enemy's top scientist Karl von Toten's mansion and un grave all the incredible secrets that lie within his mansion. Use your Mouse to Right click on objects and items to uncover secrets and further yourself through the mansion.
4.1 MB 161

Covert Front 3 1.0

In Covert Front 3 our top secret agent Kara finds herself in a train station in Zurich with new orders ┬ĘC to apprehend the mysterious scientist Karl von Toten. But who is that watching her from across the station? Kara will have to use all of her cunning to bring in the rogue scientist and avoid meeting a grim end herself.
9.8 MB 156

Covert Front 2 1.0

The story of secret agent Kara and disappearance of general Karl von Toten continues. In Covert Front 2 our top secret agent Kara is up to her neck in hot water. Having infiltrated Karl von Toten's mansion and made off with key intelligence, she must now escape with her life and let her superiors know of her shocking finds.
4.5 MB 126

Kerr Wavefront Program 1

The GR Kerr Wavefront program simulates the path of light emitted in all directions in the equatorial plane near a rotating black hole using the Kerr metric. It is distributed as a ready-to-run (compiled) Java archive. Double clicking the gr_kerr_wavefront.jar file will run the program if Java is installed. The default setting is a wavefront with an...
614.4 K 191

OneWorldStoreFront 4.06.4

OneWorldStoreFront is a very robust ecommerce package. Nothing was sacrified in the design of this ecommerce platform. Very flexible and expandable, it is the perfect solution to large or small business needs. With a very easy migration path it is considered to the one of the best ecommerce packages designed today. From our automated image resizing...
4.84 MB 333

Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 RC1 / 2010 2.0.0657.0

Forefront Endpoint Protection simplifies and improves endpoint protection while greatly reducing infrastructure costs. It builds on System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, allowing customers to use their existing client management infrastructure to deploy and manage endpoint protection. This shared infrastructure lowers ownership costs while providing...
1433.9 MB 1,832

Microsoft Forefront Protection for SharePoint 2010 11.1.0394.0

Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint prevents users from uploading or downloading documents containing malware, out-policy content, or sensitive information to SharePoint libraries. Using multiple antimalware scanning engines from industry-leading security partners combined with file and keyword filtering, Forefront Protection 2010...
229.9 MB 267

Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server 2010 11.0.0677.0

Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server (FPE) provides fast and effective protection against malware and spam by including multiple scanning engines from industry-leading security partners. It also integrates with Forefront Online Protection for Exchange to provide the defense-in-depth benefits of hosted and on-premise filtering in a single...
177.3 MB 358

Microsoft Forefront Integration Kit for Network Access Protection 1.1

This Solution Accelerator provides a way for two Microsoft technologies to work together: Forefront Client Security and Network Access Protection (NAP). This Solution Accelerator is a collection of software components and guidance that you can use to configure a compliance health policy for computers that run Forefront Client Security. Network...
1.3 MB 375

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Tools & Software Development Kit 1.0

The tools available here provide diagnostics and other feature-related tools, and the software development kit, for Forefront TMG, Medium Business Edition. Forefront TMG MBE Tools Cache Directory Tool for Forefront TMG Use the Cache Directory Tool (CacheDir.exe) to view real-time cache contents, save information about the current cache...
4.1 MB 476

Pure CSS Menu for FrontPage and Expression Web 1.5.10

This feature-rich Expression Web add-in will generate completely script-less pure CSS drop-down horizontal and vertical menus. True pure CSS drop down menus require no JavaScript at all and work in all currently used browsers. Lightweight, accessible, and SEO-friendly solution. - All-in-one product - create horizontal, vertical, tabbed,...
2.6 MB 119

DHTML Menu Add-in for FrontPage

If you are looking for a quick way to add DHTML menu navigation to your FrontPage website, this extension can help. The software comes with nearly 500 ready-made menu templates, intuitive user interface and is compatible with all popular browsers on all major platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. Generated menus are compliant with the latest...
4.4 MB 1,340

Gift Certificate Add-On for StoreFront 2.1

Sell Gift Certificates with your StoreFront Shopping Cart and instantly dispatch gift certificates in real time. Send multi-part e-mails containing both an HTML and TEXT template for gift certificates, define gift certificate expirations, and change templates with ease without a recompile of your store. Integration is easy with one code insertion and one...
2 MB 368

SurfCop for Microsoft ISA Server/Forefront TMG 2.1

SurfCop Internet Usage Monitoring is a software solution designed to monitor and control Internet traffic in companies that uses Microsoft ISA Server 2004/2006 or Microsoft Forefront TMG software products as corporate Internet gateway(Firewall). The product implements the concept of integrated approach to monitoring and limiting corporate Internet traffic,...
68.4 MB 483
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