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TAW for Skype is a real time interactive software, which is incorporated and certified by Skype. It allows the interaction of up to 10 participants working together on a common document simultaneously. With TAW for Skype people can draw, add texts, erase, highlight and write together on a document while talking on a Skype call. It can be used for...
4 MB 3,171

TalkItTypeIt 2

With TalkItTypeIt® 2 Ultra you can do all of your typing in as little as one third the time it normally takes-in ANY Windows® application-just by talking to your computer! You barely have to lift a finger to create letters, reports, email-anything that you would normally type; plus navigate directly to any clickable object on your computer screen just by...
56.69 MB 12,090

Loudtalks Lite 1.3

Loudtalks Lite is a push-to-talk application for Windows and Windows phones. It's lightweight, easy to use and extremely fast. Better yet it's free and will always remain free for personal use. Fast Loudtalks conversations are nearly as fast as face-to-face and possibly the fastest way to communicate online. Easy to use To start...
1.4 MB 531

Smart French Talking Phrasebook Lite 1.0.0001

Smart French Talking Phrasebook is a powerful translation tool for efficient and effective communication in French while traveling abroad. It contains over 4000 carefully selected, essential words and phrases spoken by professional native speakers. With our smart 'build-your-own-phrase' feature you can easily compose thousands of relevant phrases...
19.5 MB 176

iTag 491

iTag is a utility that allows you to easily add title, description and keyword tags to your digital photos. The data you enter is stored into the actual photo file itself - using the open standards of IPTC and XMP. Many applications can read and write the IPTC/XMP data, but iTag is especially powerful at editing a group of photos all at once....
9.1 MB 283

iTALC 2.0.0

iTALC is a use- and powerful didactical tool for teachers. It lets you view and control other computers in your network in several ways. It supports Linux and Windows 2000/XP and it even can be used transparently in mixed environments! In contrast to widely used commercial equivalent software, iTALC is free! This means you do not have to pay for...
8 MB 887

iTSfv Beta

iTSfv has many number of visible and hidden features: automatic genre tagging from, exporting iTunes Store artwork, downloading Lyrics from LyricsWiki, Synchrocleaning iTunes Music Library, recovering playedCount from, automatic rating according played pattern, creating statistics for your music library, and many more. * Fill...
1.8 MB 650

iTwin 3.6

iTwin is a program for the Windows PC, that will show the content of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad databases in a quite familliar look & feel. Finally you have a backup of your contacts, text messages (sms), calendar entries, notes and caller-history. In addition iTwin will generate a birthday-list including zodiacs from your contact...
819.2 K 546

iText 5.5.2

iText is a PDF library that allows you to CREATE, ADAPT, INSPECT and MAINTAIN documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF): - Generate documents and reports based on data from an XML file or a database - Create maps and books, exploiting numerous interactive features available in PDF - Add bookmarks, page numbers, watermarks, and other...
9.2 MB 182

iTunes 12.1.1

You've never been so easily entertained. Features - iTunes Radio iTunes Radio has streaming radio stations you’ll love from day one, from the best selection of songs online. It lets you easily create stations that evolve based on the music you play or download. And you can hear them all on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, and...
71.5 MB 3,854,185

iTSync 2.1.10

The name says it all! iTSync is a product to make the daily use of iTunes a lot easier. One of the major issues with iTunes is how it can clutter your music collection. From adding duplicate tracks that already exist in iTunes to not monitoring music folders. iTSync has two modes of operation- manual mode and automatic mode. Manual mode is for the...
921.6 K 774

iTools 2014 Build 0520

* Free & Green 100% Freeware No installation No Ads or plugins * One-stop, Fully support Manage Media, iBooks & picturesInstall, uninstall & backup appsFolders backup & restoreLive desktop * File System & Storage Manage like Windows ExploreiOS 4 & 5 supportWifi sync management
102.4 K 205

iTamer 1.0.3

iTamer uses several different passwords, including a master password that you use to log in, an iTamer account password, and a separate password for each database. With iTamer, you only have to remember your master password. Other passwords, including strong and unique passwords that you can create in iTamer for your accounts, will be safely stored and...
1.2 MB 36

iTuner 1.5.4475

A system tray app that adds seamless features to iTunes including automated library maintenance, playlist exporting, playlist sychronization with MP3 players, global keyboard control, lyric discovery, and track and playback control. C#, WPF, MusicBrainz, iTunes APIs, and more! Features * Automated library maintenance and...
3.9 MB 1,034

iTrain 3.2.3

iTrain offers an easy to use solution to control your model railroad with your computer(s), especially if you want to automate only parts of your layout and keep control of the rest yourself. For example, automatic block control avoids collisions and you control which train is driving manually or fully automatically according to a selected...
39.7 MB 84

TalkMail 2.0

Best-in-class TalkMail sends clear voice emails with outstanding sound quality, to any email address in the World. TalkMail messages include your picture, and document attachments of your choice. The program supports mailing lists and it works with any email address.
614.4 K 152

iTManage 1.2

iTManage allows the user to maintain two or more iTunes libraries each with it's own preference settings quickly and easily. More than one iPod? multiple windows user's? Large cluttered library? No problem with iTManage. What iTManage Can Do For You * Maintain two or more iTunes libraries * Copy an existing library *...
1 MB 213

iTurnOff 6.42

Turn off your computer on specified time. 1. Select "Daily" (or "Once/Weekly/Monthly"). 2. Select "Start Time: 23:59:59". 3. Select "Count down from: 15 seconds" (not necessary). 4. Select "What to do: Turn Off". 5. Finally, Please click Start. 6. Easy to install and use.
512 K 339

Talk Text Beta

A text to speech program for Windows 7 with minimalist approach. Features: * Plays plain text files, text copied to the clipboard and from the programs edit control. * Opens, saves and appends to text files. * Pauses, resumes and stops playing in interactive mode. * Saves text to "wav" file. You can make you own audio...
102.4 K 170

IT Invent 1.52

IT Invent is designed for automating the stocking and inventory of computer hardware and other equipment in businesses. It helps you to be up to date on your computer park, obtain various reports, and plan maintenance and renewing of your computers. Key options: - Working with MS Access and MS SQL databases. - Unique system of creation...
16.4 MB 479

iTextSharp 5.5.4

iText is a PDF library that allows you to CREATE, ADAPT, INSPECT and MAINTAIN documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF): - Generate documents and reports based on data from an XML file or a database - Create maps and books, exploiting numerous interactive features available in PDF - Add bookmarks, page numbers, watermarks, and other...
102.4 K 83

itKeyboard 6.0

itKeyboard is a fully functional replacement for a standard keyboard. This virtual onscreen keyboard works with any Windows application (Web browser, text editor, e-mail client, etc.) and it enables the user to enter every character available via standard keyboard, including national characters. Virtual keyboard moves and places anywhere on the screen;...
102.4 K 70

iTOrganize 1.0

iTOrganize sets up an environment that allows the user to manipulate how and where the tracks used to populate their iTunes library are stored. Using this environment, the user can organize, rearrange and build/consolidate their iTunes library without worrying about how iTunes will be affected. iTOrganize can also assist the user to find directories not...
716.8 K 216

TalkAurora 2.41 Build 182c Beta

Features: * Get attractive colorful nicknames for FREE! * Make your own nickname even more attractive with our huge collection of nickname icons. * Add the popular rooms to your Favorites. * Create and administrate your own text and voice rooms with banners of your choice. * Color your text and voice room to your...
4 MB 80

TalkHelper 1.7.3

TalkHelper is a freeware Skype add-on that will empower users to record their video calls, offering high quality of video and audio recording. TalkHelper supports XVID codec, being able to save the video output as AVI files. It can also save the audio calls in WAV or MP3 format. TalkHelper is easy-to-use, allowing you to record your Skype calls,...
6.4 MB 36

iTunes Sync 1.5.1

n just a few easy steps iTunes Sync will let you synchronize any iTunes playlist with any MP3 player that shows up as a drive letter in Windows. iTunes Sync is designed and tested to work best with iTunes 8. You can configure as many different MP3 players as you need and synchronize each one with a different iTunes playlist. You can use standard playlists...
512 K 679

iTunes Icon 1

iTunes icon in .ICO format that will change the look of your folders and documents.
1 MB 269

iTunesSnarl 1.1

iTunesSnarl is a neat plugin for iTunes, which hooks it up to the wonderful software "Snarl". Once installed, Snarl will show you information about the current song once you switch tracks in iTunes.
307.2 K 546

iTunes Feeds 1

Get the latest RSS feeds from iTunes Store. Get the top songs and album charts personalized to your favorite genre. See all the new releases and featured albums. Configure your preferred genres and music store location. Links directly with your iTunes MP3 application for immediate downloads to your iPod!"
0 K 3,008

Talking Math 2.1

Talking Math is a small application designed to help your child to learn all the basic math operations.
102.4 K 78

iTunes Reader 1.0.0

With the iTunes Reader, you can instantly explore your iTunes backup file and manage your data on your Mac or PC. The software will locate and read your iTunes backup file, and display data which you may have deleted from your handset after it has been backed up to iTunes. The software is ideal if you have lost your iPhone or iPad or it has been stolen and...
20.9 MB 71

Talking Typer

Talking Typer is a typing and computer keyboard training program. It is a self-voicing application that uses your sound card to help instruct, drill, practice, and play games with typing lessons. Talking Typer comes with several lessons, and you may want to edit these or create new lessons of your own. The program is designed for use by an...
102.4 K 62

IT Asset Tool

"IT Asset Tool" is a powerful free software to inventor and monitor your network. This easy approach allows to operate without installation in a short time. With an essential interface, IT Asset Tool inventors all Windows Hosts including their Software and Hardware features. An efficient engine of reporting allows to generate a large number of...
1.6 MB 132

ITN Converter 1.85

ITN Converter, better known as ITNConv, is both a converter route supporting many formats, and a route planner simple and efficient. The converter supports routes file formats (roadbook) from many GPS or mapping software, the most popular are TomTom, Navigon, Garmin, MapPoint or MapSource. This converter can easily transfer a route created by a GPS...
102.4 K 142

iTunesControl 0.61

It adds visual feedback, a sleep timer, over 30 customizable global hotkeys, and more. iTunesControl works with iTunes 4.6 and above and runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Features: - Small memory footprint - Small download size - Very little incremental CPU usage - Many different hotkeys (see documentation) -...
1.51 MB 891

iTunesWatcher 1.0

iTunesWatcher will keep your Apple TV in sync with iTunes when new movies are added. It watchs the "Automatically Add to iTunes" directory and when a file is deleted from this directory (which is what iTunes does when you copy a file to this directory, it moves it to the appropriate iTunes directory) it waits for a user defined "settle time" and then...
102.4 K 140

TalkingPuffin 0.79b / 0.77

TalkingPuffin is a powerful, open source, desktop Twitter client from Dave Briccetti and others. It's written in Scala and runs on the Java platform. It includes a Twitter API library originally written by Mark McBride and further developed by Dave Briccetti. Features: * Support for new Twitter features o Find...
102.4 K 276

iTransferDVDs2 1.0

Think your new iPod's ability to play movies is cool? Wait until you see what iTransferDVDs2 can do! Play full length movies on your iPod by transferring your home DVD collection to your iPod. It's easy. Rather than buying a few expensive movies to download, iTransferDVDs2 vastly expands your library of content to virtually all movie file types at...
3.1 MB 378

iTunes Hotkeys

It's pretty self-explanatory. Run the .exe, on first run you are forced to put in new hotkeys. You can select modifiers, but you don't have to. Only one modifier can be used per hotkey. Select a key from the keylist (Drop down menu). In order for the program to work you must select a hotkey for every command. IE: Play/Pause, Next & Previous.
307.2 K 108

iTMan Inventory 3.0

iTMan Inventory - an indispensable tool for system administrator. iTMan Inventory not just simply scans the network, but also displays the data of inventoried machines, allowing to keep records of computer hardware and software installed. The ease of the program is simplicity of installation, ease of use, flexibility of working with data (filtering...
15.3 MB 53

iThmb Converter

iThmb Converter is developed to enable recovery of the images stored in your iPhone, iPod or iPad. If the pictures have been lost and the only copy you have left is in your iDevice Photo Cache, iThmb Converter will provide you the tools to open and convert ITHMB files into JPEG, PNG or BMP, thus retrieving the images. If you own iPhone, iPad or a...
9.7 MB 126

iTransferStudio 4.0

iTransferStudio is an easy-to-use iPod transfer software. With iTransferStudio, you can transfer music, playlists, play counts and ratings from iPod to computer and even import into iTunes. In just a few clicks, you can back up a iPod/iPhone/iPad content to your iTunes library. It supports all kinds of iPod, ipod touch, iPhone and iPad. You do not need to...
2.9 MB 210

iTunes CleanList 1.1

Simple iTunes library manager to help keep your library clean and current. Removes orphaned items in your library as well as adding new ones from your specified music and video folders. Additional options allow you to shutdown your PC when complete, specify multiple root folders, save settings, and more.
819.2 K 555

Talking Alphabet 3.6.1

Talking Alphabet’s unique design appeals to children and lets them learn in a colorful, intuitive way! In addition, it also includes some other cool things such as talking numbers, a picture matching game and, just for fun, a bouncing basketball.
8.4 MB 43

iTunesEradicator 1.0

The quickest way to remove iTunes and it's additional components that come with it is to use a small script I have create to automate the process. Now you may ask "Why not use the uninstaller provided?". Simply put the "uninstaller" leaves additional components installed, keys left over in the registry and even it's own drivers.
102.4 K 184

Its Like Gravity 1.0

Your objective in this unique physics based puzzle game is to control gravity and remove objects to make the ball reach the flag. Use your mouse to click anywhere to alter the force of gravity in the environment after you remove objects hinders the ball to float in the right direction. Click with left mouse button on the green blocks to remove them.
5 MB 93

iTake DVD Ripper

iTake DVD Ripper is a powerful DVD ripping software to rip and convert DVD movies to almost all video and audio formats (rip DVD to AVI, DVD to MP4, DVD to MPEG, DVD to WMV, DVD to DivX; convert DVD to MP3, DVD to WMA, etc.) with high ripping speed and exceptional quality. As a remarkable DVD ripping software,you can also enjoy your entire DVD...
9.2 MB 3,796

iTake DVD Creator

Now, start to burn your precious videos into DVD with iTake DVD Creator, and share these impressive moments with friends and family. iTake DVD Creator is absolutely the easiest and fastest way to convert popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, DivX, DV, VOB, or WMV to a format that is compatible to play with most portable or home DVD players. Besides...
12.5 MB 4,356

iTunes Media Keys 1.3

It is written in C# and require .Net framework 3.5.
102.4 K 1,145

Talking Secretary 2.41

Create automatic reminders that will notify you as dates and events approach, by saying the day and time out loud, reading messages to you, playing MP3 files, playing video reminders, and even displaying customized messages on your screen. You can set reminders based on days of the week, weekends, specific dates, or even monthly dates. Never forget...
1.4 MB 166
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